I official declare my Manifesto!The Techno Art Manifesto

The Techno Art Manifesto 30th March 2023 written by Sheree Murphy

I declare the following which has been comprised from my relationship to art, the art individuals, the art organisations, the haters, the lovers, the thought provokers, the champions, the listeners and the deniers.

1). DO NOT HAVE an Instagram account, this will only make you depressed, drained and left feeling like a looser. You do not need an Instagram account to get EXPOSURE.

2). YOU DO NOT NEED to keep updating your social media accounts with latest art piece or work in progress every day, other, or third day.

3). YOU DO NOT NEED to go to Goldsmiths, St Martins or Royal College of Art to gain notoriety or get first dips in The Turner Prize.

4). YOU DO NOT NEED To constantly update your ‘news section’ on your website to show you are still relevant.

5). YOU DO NOT NEED to have ‘ONE TO WATCH’ next to your name written by a curator, publicist, or any random individual/ organisation.

6). YOU DO NOT NEED to place your work in a white cubed space to say you are an emerging or established artist.

7). YOU DO NOT NEED to spend YOUR money on high quality prints of your work in hopes they will one day be sold.

8). YOU DO NOT NEED to spend four hours of your day constantly liking, following, subscribing to be notice online this will take up your creative energy and take you away from making art.

9). Drink lots of tea or coffee, eat cake with fellow artists regularly and share your art work with them they will inspire you more than you will know.

10). Spend time with creatives who will nurture you, don’t waste time with people who zap you this will stop you making your art.

11). If you are sitting around a table discussing art projects and you are the only one not getting paid get up and leave immediately, your art has value. Exposure is not going to pay your bills.

12). Art needs an audience from people from all walks of life, share your work in your garden shed, community centre, library, nursing homes, hospitals, friends houses, parks, places where people go, art is to be experience.

13). Do not censure your art work this will produce boring art.

14). Art is a process.

15). Art must not be used by politicians or owned to be displayed in TEN DOWING STREET, (Tracy Emin donated to MR CAMERON) and then dismissed in the UK CURRICULUM like a fart in a pub. Policitians need to accountable too.

16). Art is a fundamental right and it is not up to a minority of politicians to produced a policy called AUSTERITY as an excuse to cut funding.

17). Art must not be used by politicians for their political gain i.e play music for their campaigns, wear fashionable clothes (I’m talking about Thereas May’s trousers) and deny that fact that art is not important and for young people to be denied access to it in their education.

18). When producing a webinar it doesn’t always have to be about the ‘successful artist’ who got a book deal with penguin, who got the funding, white cubed exhibition, success, success they are amazing!!!!! and don’t ever title a webinar called ‘what do artists do all day’.

19). When teaching art or programming classes please don’t only refer to the great masters as Dali, Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, they are indeed amazing but we have amazing artists that are still alive and live in our villages, cities and towns that need you as their audience.

20). Make art accessible, we need buildings accessible for disable people, dementia friendly, think about your signage, physical spaces, easy access to toilet facilities, disabled parking outside your gallery if this is not there demand it from your council, demand from your council for funding to support people to come to your art workshops.

21). ARTS ESTABLISHMENTS please don’t have a community art projects exhibited in a separate room, often hidden away in room know body can ever find. This physical space breeds separation and inclusivity.

22). DO NOT LEAVE art school and think you will be discovered you will not! There is a harsh real world waiting out there to forget you. But don’t let this make you feel shit and worthless use it to power your determination.

23). You will come across haters but they will make you more determined and don’t take it personally they hate everything.

24). Art is for everyone.

25).Create more co operatives

26). Demand councils lower their rental rates.

27). You don’t need expense art materials to make art.

28) Charity Shops are your most precious resource.