Selected For Florence Biennale October 2023

Outside of Time & Place

Santa Eugenia, Mallorca

April 2023

Video Art Installation Age & Legacy


Showing Female Icons

Winter Show Dec 2022 to March 2023

HAUS-A-REST Issue 31

A collaboration can exist in many forms not just in the present or physical sense, which is where my story begins.
 Hollywood Asylum, Film Stills Series is inspired by a true story, told by a witness of a crime of passion. A murder that took place in a hotel in 1958. There are 4 people involved, the bar manager, the murderer, the female, and the witness.

Home Studio Residency in Collaboration with Artist Alliance, California


What We Perceive 2022

Oral History of a Welsh Journalist & Broadcaster

Through spoken word, image and text

Associate Artist 2020 – 2021

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Swansea Wales UK

Researching Accessibility, Diversity & Equality in the Arts

Age & Legacy 2018 Short 10:52 mins

Collaboration by Sheree Murphy & Rich Thair

Research & Development Grant Exploring Dementia Through Sight & Sound

Funded by Arts Council of Wales