Associate Artist 2020 - 2021

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Swansea Wales UK

Researching accessibility, diversity & equality in the Arts

Age & Legacy 2018 Short 10:52 mins Collaboration with Rich Thair Arts Council of Wales - Research & Development Grant

Exploring Dementia Through Sight & Sound

Inspired by “All The Worlds a Stage” William Shakespeare.

My late Nan past away from Dementia in 2014, this body work is my testimony to how it felt, made sense and experienced what is was like to witness my Nan’s slow decline.

“All The Worlds a Stage” contains a message that story telling and its shared experience is fundamental to our identity & life experiences.

I witnessed dementia steal my Nan’s thoughts, memories and mobility. But I knew my Nan was still alive inside. Age & Legacy is about not being scared but to speak out and break the stigma of Dementia, and empower people to talk.