Selected Florence Biennale, Italy 2023

A Moment in Time


January 2023

Flux Review Online Exhibition

Winter Show Dec 2022 to March 2023

HAUS-A-REST Issue 31 Writing & Collaboration 2022

Essay/ Article Title Hollywood Asylum

HAUS-A-REST Issue 31

A collaboration can exist in many forms not just in the present or physical sense, which is where my story begins.
 Hollywood Asylum, Film Stills Series is inspired by a true story, told by a witness of a crime of passion. A murder that took place in a hotel in 1958. There are 4 people involved, the bar manager, the murderer, the female, and the witness.

Home Studio Residency in Collaboration with Artist Alliance, California

October to December 2022

What We Perceive 2022

Oral History of a Welsh Journalist & Broadcaster

Through spoken word, image and text

Associate Artist 2020 – 2021

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Swansea Wales UK

Researching Accessibility, Diversity & Equality in the Arts

Age & Legacy 2018 Short 10:52 mins

Collaboration by Sheree Murphy & Rich Thair

Research & Development Grant Exploring Dementia Through Sight & Sound

Funded by Arts Council of Wales