Sheree Murphy is a Welsh Visual Artist

Arts Facilitator

My Practice is concerned with the past, the human condition and the invisible.

Born in Wales UK, my formative training took place at Swansea Institute (now know as Swansea Trinity St David’s University) in Wales between 1999 and 2003 where my practice took root in analogue photography before the dominance of digital photography, social media and the visual impact of the influencer.

My relationship with art has always been one of limitless possibilities that has introduced me to the most amazing  people and communities who have shared with me their incredible life stories and experiences.

I am also an art’s facilitator with a focus on health and wellbeing with people often on the edges of society in various health and social settings. My experience has unveiled to me that ‘Art Making’ is a fundamental right for health and wellbeing, it is a tool that acts as the golden key unlocking prejudices, stigmas and fears. Allowing the art of conversation, to share our hidden fears and thoughts that enable wellbeing and sense of belonging to bring individuals and communities together.

These experiences and glimpses into other people’s lives inform and shape my artistic practice exploring human nature and popular culture and its juxtapostion of perspective and institutionalised similarities.

Having recently moved to Mallorca from Swansea my practice is influenced by the thriving art scene and has been largely impacted by the street artists and their narratives of social commentary and activism.

In 2023 I shall be exhibiting a collection of my work at The Florence Biennale.

I also write a regular blog about current news and issues surrounding the art world.

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